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About Digital Art / Student Official Beta Tester Doctor Docle18/Male/United States Groups :iconslutmutts: SlutMutts
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Something better's bound to come along sometime.

Joyriding - Frank Iero

Frank | 17 | Male | Mostly gay

I'm Frank maybe, but a lot of people call me Doc. I'm really indecisive so you can call me anything and I probably won't care. I'm also really stupid and shy and I don't really know how to talk about myself. I like art, music, bands and boys.

My life revolves around the internet and my friends and bands that no one really cares about because we're not in seventh grade anymore.

Tucky | Tabs | Reagan | Bella | Kris | Lyssa | Skye

✓.Ghost Adventures, My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail, The Used, Orange is the New Black, Skins

X. Rudeness, misgendering, homophobia, demanding people, hot weather, snow, anime, obsessed fandoms

Caring and devoted hearts.

I'm here to write because I havent done it yet! : D
But you are hella rad, and lately you've been a better friend along with Elliot than we have ever had. That really means a lot to us, and geez. I'm trying to be cheesy here, but every year it gets harder. I dont have many friends. And the friends I did have made it their goal to only last 3 months. Except now I have Yogi, and then you came along, and then Elliot came along. And I couldnt be happier. I'm so happy that we've had the honor to meet you, and i'm so so happy we got to meet you in person. It means a lot that we can count on you, and I just. I dont have the words to explain how wonderful of a person you are. You're hella funny to talk to, and you always manage to cheer Tuck and I up. Your reactions to things are priceless, and I'd prefer talking to you over my family.
You are family to me, and you're one of the best people I know<333



You're one of my best friends (and i only have 3 friends) and i mean that! I've had so many people leave me in the past, but i don't think you're going to be one of those memories, not as much as i can help it. I have known of you for a long time, and then we were like mutual eggs for a while but now, damn look how far we've come! Over the past two weeks we've gotten super close. We call to watch each other art or just listen to each other babble because i''m feeling sad or silly, And you're always there for me to call. You're the only one whose tried to fix my laptop (but to no avail) and ive done everything i can to keep you happy, weather its draw you things or just link stupid motivational things aha, and i'm going to keep trying until you tell me to stop. I really am proud of you, and i'm proud of us. I'm really glad i get to be part of your life, and someone that you can talk to, and someone that means alot to you. Because a while ago when i just watched you and didn't say much i always thought how cool it would be to be your friend, and i added you on Facebook and stuff and we just got closer as time went on, and man, it is fucking cool! I'm sorry im not the best at this stuff. But seriously man, dont you ever think bad about yourself while im here to keep a smile on your face, make sure you never hide your potential, never hide your light, and i dont plan on leaving soon, so you better get prepared to keep smiling


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Jan 29, 2015
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He said, "Shut up, you fool,

You're falling in love again."
April 13th, 2011 -- September 5th, 2013

You are the definition of perfect.


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i really do love you so much and you make my heart hurt in the best ways and sometimes i even wanna cry because of how you make me feel and it's just the most wonderful thing in the world god you're perfect 
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Thank you for the watch back omg
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i need to keep my inbox cleaner
going through 250+ replies makes me anxious
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